Redditor Reveals How Walmart Creates Its Artistic Soda Can Displays


Chase Shustack,Aug. 30, 2022 5:42 pm EST,1,745

Have you ever been inside a Walmart and seen those big soda can displays? Maybe you've seen them in the summer around the Fourth of July, or maybe you'll see them for the Super Bowl. These displays are built out of boxes upon boxes of soda cans, carefully assembled and stacked to form intricate 2-D murals set directly at the front or middle of the store. These can include anything from sports symbols to bald eagles, depending on what season or event is currently going on. While these displays are meant to be attractive or in some cases humorous, there have been times when the displays have unintentionally come across as tasteless. Such was the case for a Florida Walmart's 9/11 memorial display meant to honor firefighters that featured the Twin Towers assembled out of Coke boxes (via FOX News).

But how exactly do they assemble these literal "pop-art" installations, and why? Is it because there are starving artists who work at Walmart who crave the limelight, and assemble these intricate murals as a way to release their artistic passions? According to one supposed employee, the soda can displays aren't technically done by Walmart employees themselves.

Employees follow a blueprint to assemble the displays

If you thought that the soda displays were random acts of spontaneous creativity, you would, unfortunately, be mistaken. It's actually a bit more organized than just randomly stacking boxes on top of each other, at least according to an employee on the subreddit r/Walmart. Although the original post has been deleted, it seems that a Reddit user had asked a question regarding a display at their local Walmart store. One employee by the name of u/Shot-Researcher5987 explained how the process of building the soda displays works. "The soda reps come in with diagrams and build these. I was a store director at of a Super Target and we had these done every few months," the user said. "They are always full cases and use directions like a Lego set."

"Even if they're full cases, they're done almost every season, I remember seeing them as far back as 20 or so years ago," another user by the name of u/hidden-jim explained, claiming to have been a former Budweiser vendor. They also claimed that despite being made from soda boxes, the displays are actually "remarkably stable" and that, should the display ever collapse, a Pepsi representative is usually on call to help reassemble it.

U/hidden-jim also reported that the displays are popular with management since they help to sell more soda. This would mean that those colorful displays are just one of the many ways Walmart gets you to spend more money.